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Life+IBERLINCE Project: Recovery of the historical distribution of the Iberian lynx in Spain and Portugal (2012-2016)

Iberlince is the third LIFE project approved by the European Commission that opts for the conservation of the Iberian lynx. The Ministry of Environment and Management of the Territory of the Andalucía’s Committee is once more the recipient responsible for its implementation. After the results obtained in the project LIFE Nature "Conservation and reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Andalusia" (2006-2011), Portugal and five Spanish administrations have joined this new LIFE project of transnational character, betting for the conservation of this emblematic species and its habitat as it has never been done earlier. The Portuguese Institute of Nature’s and Forests’ conservation (ICNF), Extremadura, partner participating in the previous project, Castilla - La Mancha, Region of Murcia, national parks and Ministry of environment and spatial planning, together with the Department of building and housing, Ministry of agriculture, fishing and Rural development and the Agency of environment and water of the Committee of Andalucía are committed to start the recovery of the Lynx’s’ historical distribution area and will work hard over the years to achieve this. Nearly a dozen of non-governmental organizations such as WWF, SECEM, Foundation CBD-HABITAT, IBERLINX association, ADENEX, APROCA and FAC have joined this Project (these two last ones related to the hunting sector). In this occasion there is even an implication of private enterprises, such as CASHEW, AGROFOREX and FOMECAM. Recently, new associated beneficiaries have joined the project: Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Development and Public Works Company from Alqueva (EDIA), Public Works Company (IP S.A) and Moura Local Council.



 The total budget of Life+IBERLINCE project amounts to more than 34 million Euros, being the contribution of the European Union a 61’57% of this amount, that is something more than 20.9 million euros. The remaining percentage of co-funding is provided by beneficiary partners, by the coordinating beneficiary, as well as the contribution that performs a co-financer, thus assuming around 13 million euros. This is the highest budget that has been invested in a LIFE project. Aware of this, all these entities have a great commitment to the European Commission and with all the European citizens.


TOTAL BUDGET=34.015.188 euros
Percentage of funding from the European Union= 61’57%